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Private City tour through Mexico DF and Antropology Museum

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Our tour begins in the Anthropology Museum, where you’ll get to admire some of the pieces amongst the vast collection of pre-hispanic art inside of the museum.

Our guide will explain pieces like the Sun Stone, also called the Aztec calendar; the Coatlicue, and several other pieces that reflected the thought, lifestyle, and religion of the different civilizations developed inside ancient Mexico.

Later, we’ll head to the Historic Center of our city, where the Aztec empire was once seated. Our guide will give you a brief explanation on the Great Tenochtitlan, and the traces that remain as evidence of its existence.

You’ll walk through some of the busiest streets of the Historic Center and the outside of some of its emblematic buildings, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

In between the Museum and the Historic Center, you’ll enjoy a panoramic ride across Reforma Avenue; where you’ll see several monuments that have shaped and given identity to our city, like the Angel of Independence, Diana the Huntress, and more recently, the creation of the Bicentennial Column.


  • Templo Mayor
  • Metropolitan Cathedral
  • National Palace
  • Anthropology Museum
  • Reforma Avenue


  • Private Guide
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Entrance to Anthropology Museum


  • Optional tips
  • Food and drinks


We advise you to wear comfortable shoes, as part of the tour involves a moderate amount of walking.

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