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Mexico City Wrestling Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+

Experience the Mexican Tradition of Wrestling in Mexico City!

Come to have fun and feel the passion with the best wrestling tour. On this tour, enjoy the incredible panoramic view from the double floor bus with a retractable roof (ready to close according to the weather) visiting: “Monumento a la Revolución,” “Alameda Central,” “Glorieta de Colón,” “Parroquia de la Sta. Veracruz.”

Arriving at “Arena Mexico” you will not only get a free mask and a shot of tequila, but you will also get firsthand experience with the culture of the wrestling art, explained by the guide.

Mexican wrestling began in 1840, one hundred years before it became an official sport. The first wrestling took place in public squares, theaters, bull rings, or any small “box ring” where fight demonstrations take place.

At the beginning of the 20th century, most of the wrestling promotors were foreigners, for example, the Italian Giovanni Resselech, who organized two wrestling seasons in 1910. Another example is the Belgian Constant le Marin, who first made a presentation including a Mexican vs. a Romanian wrestler in 1921.

With this background and the increasing popularity of this activity, the first wrestling function was made on the “Arena Mexico” in September 21st of 1933, on the previously named “Arena Modelo.”


  • Feel the atmosphere of one of the most traditional shows in Mexico.
  • Enjoy the acrobatics of the fighters.
  • Live a complete experience of a live wrestling show.

Interesting Viewpoints:

  • Parroquia de la Sta. Veracruz
  • Monumento a la Revolución
  • Glorieta de Colón
  • Alameda Central
  • Arena México, CDMX


  • Roundtrip transportation capital bus (double floor bus, retractable roof, panoramic view)
  • Traveler insurance on board
  • Bilingual guide, an expert in the wrestling art
  • Entrance to the “Arena Mexico”
  • Wrestling Souvenir


  • Drinks and meals
  • Optional tips

Meeting Points:

Capital Bus Zócalo Stop.

  • If you take the tour on Tuesday, the meeting time will be 18:15h.
  • If you take the tour on Friday, the meeting time will be 18:45h.
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